Freddie Ljunberg says that he loves coaching the Arsenal u15 side as he makes a mockery of the claims Arsene Wenger refuses to have former players involved behind the scenes.

Freddie was speaking after he watched his Arsenal side beat Cambridge United 4-1. After he was able to clear himself from the swarm of supporters who wanted his autograph, Ljungberg told the Cambridge News, “I thought they (United) did great.

“They showed great energy and had some good players as well, so I was impressed with how they played.

“For us there was a great ambience and great surroundings, and for my boys it’s invaluable to play in front of that many people.

“It makes them learn how to behave with the pressure that comes with it, and there were some tackles flying around so it makes them learn to keep calm.

“It was a great opportunity for us and we’re very grateful to have had the opportunity to play here.

“In general, the way the academy system works there are no fans when you play, so for us it’s great – can we do it more often?!

“I had a chat with the boys about the mental aspect of the game,” said Ljungberg about playing in front of a crowd.

“We travelled up and the players had to get used to the fans and maybe the football’s a bit more direct.

“If I asked them they’d probably say they learned more from this game than they have done for a few weeks, so that’s great for us.

“We don’t know how they might perform in front of a lot of people. They might think ‘I need to dribble more, I need to show everyone’, but I thought they performed and reacted well.”

Asked about the job of coaching, he replied, “I love doing it.

“I’ve been doing it for a while and just to see a kid when you’ve maybe taught him something and he uses it on the pitch and you can see he’s happy about it warms your heart.

“It’s amazing to be a coach for young players.”