Lincoln City skipper, Sean Raggett, has spoken about the non-League team’s “incredible” FA Cup draw against the club he supports, Arsenal.

Raggett is Lincoln’s hero of the moment, scoring The Imps’ only goal against Burnley at Turf Moor on Saturday in order to force them through to the next round of the FA Cup where not only will they face Arsenal but get a huge amount of money for their club.

In fact, according to The Mirror, as well as the Sportsmail, the Lincoln players are all set to receive £5000 bonuses – more than they already earn in a month – and if they should win the quarter-final, they’ll receive £360,000 in prize money. The type of cash that can completely transform a non-League club.

A combination of gate receipts and TV rights, as well as prize money already received, means that Lincoln will break the £1m mark.

However, from Raggett’s point of view, there’s also a slightly selfish incentive.

“It’s completely surreal and you feel you are going to wake up at any moment,” the 23-year-old said.

“I said I wanted Arsenal because I’ve always been a fan. It would be so special.

“I’ve never been to watch them, because I was with Gillingham as a kid and then since I was 16 I’ve been playing football every Saturday, so to play against them would be unbelievable.

“Imagine, the first time I see them live in person is when I’m playing against them. It would be incredible.”

Lincoln have been allocated 9000 tickets for the FA Cup clash at the Emirates and are predicted to receive a seven-figure sum from their share of the gate receipts. It just goes to show how huge this tournament is for the lower League club.