Julian Draxler has admitted that Arsenal were in contact with him in the last few years but they made no effort to sign him during the most recent transfer window when he moved to PSG.

Of course, this means that large sections of the media will report the first bit to make it seem like Arsenal tried to buy him in January. Like this from ESPN:

Here’s what he actually said: “I had some good years in Germany but I wanted to experience something different.

“For that reason, I chose to join PSG.

“The directors and coach at Wolfsburg have changed. I was on good terms with them and we decided it was best if I left. I listened to my heart and chose PSG as they play in a style that suits me best.

“I had several options though. Arsenal had been in contact since about two or three years ago but I was not in touch with them this winter [before joining PSG].”

Why Arsenal didn’t make a move for him is anyone’s guess, especially given their long-standing interest.