Dennis Bergkamp, Pep Segura and Steve Morrow are all being considered for the vacant Head of Youth Development job that opened up at Arsenal after Andries Jonker left to manage at Wolfsburg according to reports.

Writing in today’s Daily Mail, Sami Mokbel believes that the Arsenal hierarchy were going to consider Jonker’s position in the summer regardless. He reports that they see the Arsenal legend, who is assistant manager at Ajax, and Barceloan’s youth coach, Segura as ‘options‘.

Morrow, who is Head of Scouting at the Academy, (and yet another ex-player working at a club that reportedly doesn’t like to hire ex-players) ‘could also be an option’ writes Mokbel which doesn’t seem like much more than his own speculation.

For the most part, Mokbel seems to focus on reporting actual news so he has likely heard something from somebody to put forward this Morrow story. Given the player involved (and the position) it’s hardly the sexiest rumour to make up. If you’re going to pull something out of the air, this wouldn’t be it.

The inclusion of Bergkamp in the list is by far the most exciting prospect for most Arsenal fans, despite the credentials of Segura who is probably far lesser known here.

A move to Arsenal to head up their youth department could well be seen as a step back for the Dutchman who has been assistant manager at Ajax for six years now. But if it were part of a longer-term plan, say, maybe, two years (the length of the new contract on offer for Wenger) to bed him into the club in order to take over from the boss, that might make it a lot more interesting to Bergkamp.

Add in the fact that, by then, Freddie Ljungberg will have hopefully added at least 18-months experience as an assistant in the Bundesliga, and we could have the start of a dream team forming.

Sadly, I believe that I am just dreaming as I write this.