Jens Lehmann believes that Arsenal should be favourites for their game against Bayern Munich if for no other reason than the ‘law of averages’.

The Invincible goalkeeper was speaking ahead of the first leg tie on Wednesday night in Germany, and told the press, “Arsenal should be favourites against Bayern simply on the law of averages.

“When two good sides play each other repeatedly it is unlikely for one to win all the time,” Mad Jens said.

“But when I look at the way Arsenal are playing right not, they are, to my mind, the outsiders again.

“There is a big discrepancy between money and know-how in the Premier League. The clubs don’t use their potential properly.

“When I joined Arsenal there were few English clubs that were good on tactics. Things have not changed much since then.”

The Law of Averages may well say that Arsenal should win, but this is Arsenal. Losing repeatedly to the same teams is kinda our thing.

That being said, Arsenal have often shown they can stand toe-to-toe with the biggest boys in Europe. Usually after they’ve blown the first leg and have no chance of recovering.

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