Arsenal scouts were told ‘no room’ at Lincoln’s 1-0 win at North Ferriby because there were already too many people in the ground.

Match secretary, Andrew Frankland-Barnes, said, “Arsene Wenger wanted to have Lincoln watched and they were on the blower to us today — but we told them there was no room in the stadium.

“We’ve even had to turn away media because we were over-subscribed, so we had to say no to Arsenal.”

While Arsenal are set to play two games before they meet Lincoln in the FA Cup (Liverpool and Bayern LOL), the Imps will play another four giving, Arsenal’s scouts plenty of chances to get tickets early and actually watch them play.

Lincoln manager, Danny Cowley, added,  “It’s different here from the Emirates, isn’t it?

“So I’m not sure if they were allowed in what they’d have learned. But I am expecting the Emirates, with the facilities they’ve got, for it to be a  perfect day, a perfect pitch.”

A date has not yet been set for the FA Cup quarter final between the two sides at the Emirates, but it should take place on either 11 or 12 March.

As there are only eight teams left in the competition, all four quarter-finals will be televised.