Most Arsenal fans were pretty chuffed with a draw away to the current title holders, Leicester City, earlier in the season but now it’s not looking like such a great result.

The Foxes have flopped this season and nothing less than a win should be expected at the Emirates.

We know that injuries always play a part, so we’re keeping an eye on all of Arsenal’s opposition in the run up to their next four games.

So, who’s in and who’s out for Leicester ahead of our Premier League clash on 11 March?

Hector, Jonas (LB)High Ankle Ligament TearRuled Out
Höger, Marco (CM)Muscle InjuryTBD
Nartey, Nikolas (CM)FitnessTBD
Risse, Marcel (RW)Knee ProblemsTBD
Clemens, Christian (RW)Adductor ProblemsTBD
Pizarro, Claudio (CF)IneligibleRuled Out
Heintz, Dominique (CB)Thigh Muscle RuptureRuled Out
Zoller, Simon (CF)Hamstring InjuryRuled Out

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