Arsenal face Hull City on 11 February but considering the Tigers are currently second in the Injury League, how does their squad look ahead of the clash?

Hull aren’t looking too good in the Injury League table but who’s currently in and who’s out for the Tigers ahead their Premier League clash with Arsenal?

Hector, Jonas (LB)High Ankle Ligament TearRuled Out
Höger, Marco (CM)Muscle InjuryTBD
Nartey, Nikolas (CM)FitnessTBD
Risse, Marcel (RW)Knee ProblemsTBD
Clemens, Christian (RW)Adductor ProblemsTBD
Pizarro, Claudio (CF)IneligibleRuled Out
Heintz, Dominique (CB)Thigh Muscle RuptureRuled Out
Zoller, Simon (CF)Hamstring InjuryRuled Out