Arsenal stay 11th in UEFA’s latest coefficient rankings, while Chelsea remain the only English team to make the top 10.

The rankings, which determine the Champions League seeding, are based on the clubs’ results in Europe over the last five years.

Manchester City are just behind Arsenal, having switched places with Porto; Manchester United are all the way down in 19th, just one place ahead of Spurs; while Liverpool are 32nd.

via UEFA

Predictably, Real Madrid top the rankings with Bundesliga giants, Bayern Munich, who beat Arsenal 5-1 last week, in second. Barcelona are third followed by Atletico Madrid.

The top 10 is dominated by Spain, with Bayern and Dortmund thrown in for good measure, as well as PSG, Juventus and Benfica in eighth.

If anything, it shows how far behind English football has fallen in Europe. Despite the top teams consistently qualifying, it’s not enough, and oftentimes the Premier League clubs rarely make it past the final 16 now.

It’s interesting because the Premier League is supposed to be one of the most competitive Leagues in the world and is attracting world-class players from around the globe every season. However, for some reason, we all choke when it comes to facing European opposition.

Is it a case of confidence, experience, tactics or all of the above?