Arsene Wenger told reporters after the game at Swansea that there was no problem with Alexis and his reaction was down to differences between European and South American culture.

Never happy when he’s taken off, Alexis seemed to throw an especially big huff at the Liberty despite there being only 10 minutes left and Arsenal being four-goals up.

It didn’t go down well among many fans online who watched him, wondering why he was behaving like a tw*t.

“There’s no problem there,” Wenger said after the game. “The culture is different. Some South Americans are different from Europeans.”

Whether there is a problem there or not, this sort of thing needs to be cut out.

Wenger also said, “He never looks happy when he comes off because he loves to play.

“He had just a good rest and we have some players like Danny Welbeck coming back and it was an opportunity to give him competition.

“Overall he [Alexis] has done well today, he’s worked hard.”

People are quite able to be passionate without getting on like a spoiled brat. How must this make the others feel? This isn’t about fighting to win, it’s about wanting it all to revolve around you.

There’s a massive difference in there and to confuse them leaves you open to problems further down the road.