21-year-old Barcelona midfielder, Sergi Samper, claims that he turned down the chance to come to Arsenal when Arsene Wenger approached him in the summer.

Samper, currently on loan at Granada, even claims that he didn’t want to listen to Wenger, since he has his heart set on making it at Barcelona.

“I did not want to listen to [Arsene] Wenger,” Samper said“I told him clearly that I wanted to stay, I wanted to succeed at Barcelona, and what would make me happy was succeeding at Barcelona in the future.”

While I’m willing to admit that something may have been lost in translation, the youngster’s attitude is a little off-putting. Not because he turned down the chance to come to Arsenal, of course he’s perfectly entitled to that, but the way in which he claims he didn’t even want to listen to Wenger seems a little rude. Of course, I’m ready to admit this might just be my personal interpretation.

If Samper doesn’t make it, as he’s so convinced he will, at Barca, I don’t see Arsenal returning if that was his reaction the first time.

Samper has made 13 appearances for Granada this season while on loan and assisted once.