Every Arsenal game it’s the same, no matter how much we all want to see Arsene Wenger turn to his bench to change things, he rarely ever does before 70 minutes are on the clock and that’s usually only because of an injury.

So what gives?

It’s been happening for so long that we all regularly joke about it, but the number of people who still get irate when he hasn’t hauled a player off at halftime must clearly have missed something. Surely if you knew the reasons he made subs, you’d stop getting so wound up, right?

Well, speaking some time ago Wenger said that he rarely makes changes for tactical reasons. He has faith that the players he has selected and the tactics they are employing will be enough to eventually get the game won.

The reason for his changes? To refresh tiring legs.

Occasionally we will see Wenger THROW ON ALL THE FORWARDS! Or ALL THE LEFTBACKS! But generally, the post-70 minute subs are sent on to carry on exactly as before.

He has ultimate faith in his players and system.

True story.

It’s also a true story that this question gets asked during and after every match, so please share this.