Arsene Wenger met with the press on Friday morning ahead of Arsenal’s trip to Swansea on Saturday.

He was asked about the rumour that Carl Jenkinson was close to a move to Crystal Palace and while he didn’t confirm, exactly, that it would be Palace, he might as well have.

“Carl, it’s a possibility that he will move in the next 2-3 days,” Wenger told the assembled reporters. Pressed on if it would be a move to Palace, Wenger replied, “You look well informed.”

He then added, “It’s possible, but I cannot  tell you much more as we have not come to a conclusion yet.”

He was also asked about Arsenal’s alleged bid for Andre Beloitti, responding to call it ‘fake news’ getting a chuckle from the journalists in the room.

Wenger also confirmed that Arsenal would not be looking to replace Jenkinson, mentioning Mathieu Debuchy as a player who can provide cover at the club.

When asked further about Debuchy and if that meant he wouldn’t be allowed to leave, the question seemed to stump Arsene for a while before he said “the door (to leave) is not definitely closed on him. But it depends on the qualities of the opportunities.”