Arsenal play host to Burnley in the Premier League on Sunday, so let’s look ahead and see how their squad is looking.

Burnley only have three players out.

Here are all the players that are missing, why they’re sidelined and whether they’ll be back in time for the clash on Sunday at the Emirates.

Hector, Jonas (LB)High Ankle Ligament TearRuled Out
Höger, Marco (CM)Muscle InjuryTBD
Nartey, Nikolas (CM)FitnessTBD
Risse, Marcel (RW)Knee ProblemsTBD
Clemens, Christian (RW)Adductor ProblemsTBD
Pizarro, Claudio (CF)IneligibleRuled Out
Heintz, Dominique (CB)Thigh Muscle RuptureRuled Out
Zoller, Simon (CF)Hamstring InjuryRuled Out