There’s passion and there’s petulance.

Alexis’ behaviour against Swansea fell into the latter category, yet people believe it is merely him showing passion – that if you take that away from him, you take away what makes him special.

I call bulls**t on that.

One for all, not all for one

This is a team game.

Arsenal do not exist to serve anybody’s ego. There are 25 players in a squad, and while Alexis might be one of the best two players at the club, he does not get to dictate his playing time or terms any more than anyone else

What must Welbeck think, a player who has just returned from his second serious knee injury and is trying to get minutes to simply get back to match fitness?

Or Lucas, a player who has shone when he’s been given a chance yet has sat on the bench, despite deserving to start, and said nothing?

If Alexis thinks that sort of behaviour will get a reaction from Arsene Wenger, then he’s right, but it won’t be the one he’s expecting.

Wenger’s reaction

Wenger abhors individuality in what he sees, rightly, as a team sport. No one player can do anything alone on a football pitch when faced with 11 opposing players.

Without your team, you are nothing.

Alexis would do well to remember that. I’m sure Wenger won’t take long to remind him.

It’s time to grow up, Alexis.

You’re better than this, and you don’t need this side of you to be a success on the pitch.

This isn’t about winning, this is about wanting things all your own way.

Passion is great. Be passionate, Alexis. Don’t be this.