Arsene Wenger had his say on Stoke’s penalty that was given against Arsenal in the 29th minute of the Premier League match.

Unsurprisingly, the boss agreed with most Gooners that it wasn’t a penalty. In fact, Wenger seemed rather annoyed that we’ve had another penalty that wasn’t deserved given against us this season.

“I was (annoyed),” Wenger revealed.

“We’ve had three penalties [against us] at home and not one of them was a penalty.

“But we have to live with it. Of course I was frustrated when it happened but at the end of the day we’ve can’t change the decision.”

The boss was probably less annoyed post-match than he was during because we did come back to score three goals and win comfortably. We stuck to our guns, didn’t panic and were deservedly victorious.

However, that doesn’t change the fact that it probably shouldn’t have been given in the first place.

If Arsenal had lost by that single goal to nil, I’m sure the boss’ post-match interview would have been much different! As it was, although he admitted he disagreed with the call, he was pretty calm.

Arsenal are currently top of the Premier League table with Chelsea set to play West Brom on Sunday.