Laurent Koscielny and Alexis Sanchez are statistically the best players in Europe for their positions according to data on

Only one other Premier League player makes the cut, a surprising one in Manchester City’s Nicholas Otamendi.


Alexis has, unsurprisingly, stolen all the headlines – forwards always do, but Laurent Kosielny is just as vital as the Chilean in how he marshalls and controls the defence as well as the opposition’s attackers.

As the media blather on about Alexis’ alleged wage demands, it’s interesting to ponder why defenders such as Koscielny never see such headlines.

Why shouldn’t a defender command a heralded mega-wage like the star midfielders and forwards of the world?

Keeping goals out is as important as scoring them – you can’t win games if you don’t do either.

It’s just not quite as entertaining, I guess.