According to reports, Southampton are keen on Arsenal’s new forward, Lucas Perez.

Arsenal only bought the 28-year-old from Deportivo at the end of the transfer window in September and, since, he’s only made nine appearances in all competitions. Three of these were in the EFL Cup.

However, this doesn’t tell the whole story. The Spaniard, who can play as striker or out wide, has some tough competitions. With Alexis Sanchez on fire and Olivier Giroud next in line, it was always unlikely that he’d get a chance to play as main centre-forward very often.

Out wide is where he began to get more joy though, before he injured his ankle against Reading.

Saying this, he’s still scored five goals, including a hat-trick against Basel away in the Champions League.

It’s therefore pretty plausible that the £17m-man would attract some attention from teams slightly lower in the league than us who could perhaps offer him more time on the pitch. This is where Southampton come in.

Are Southampton really interested, as the reports suggest?

Possibly. Apparently, Claude Puel wants more attacking options but who doesn’t?

Even if they are, I highly doubt Arsene Wenger would suddenly sell a player he’s only just bought.

What’s more, is that in November, his agent claimed he wasn’t going anywhere.

“He’s not playing because he’s injured,” Rodrigo Fernandez Llovelle said.

“He has no plans to leave, Arsenal and [Arsene] Wenger are very happy with him.

“Inter or Napoli? Not at the moment. Now he’s just thinking about Arsenal. He was playing, but then he injured his ankle and he’s been out for a month.”