Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain played just 12 minutes against Manchester City on Sunday before he had to be subbed off.

The winger didn’t appear in a massive amount of pain but he covered his face with his shirt and looked gutted. He knew there was something wrong.

After the game, Arsene Wenger confirmed that there was a muscular problem and it’s now being reported that he also said it was the Ox’s hamstring.

“He is injured, it’s a muscular problem,” the boss said.

“It looks like a hamstring.”

The 23-year-old will be gutted. Although he had a bad game against Everton on Tuesday, on the whole, he’s been having a great season. Far better than the past few. And he’s managed to keep injuries at bay, something he’d not been able to do before.

Unfortunately, those 12 minutes against City were all that was needed to create a problem.

Since he didn’t look in too much pain, hopefully he’ll just miss a few games. Otherwise, I worry about his future at Arsenal.