According to the latest reports surrounding Alexis Sanchez’s future at Arsenal, Juventus are still monitoring the situation closely since he’s demanding massive wages in north London.

The claims are that the Serie A club, who have been eager to sign him since the summer, are waiting in the wings in case contract negotiations with Arsenal go south.

Apparently, the Chilean is demanding almost double what we’re willing to offer, which is rumoured to be in the region of £180,000-a-week.

Firstly, that amount of money is ridiculous, especially when he’s supposed to be on around £140,000-a-week. I highly doubt Alexis or his people are asking for that much.

Secondly, if Arsenal aren’t willing to pay that, I doubt Juve can afford it. Maybe Manchester City could cough up that kind of cash but not many clubs can, would or should.

As it stands, there are still 18 months left on Alexis’ contract. There’s no need to panic just yet. Let’s just enjoy watching him play.