Joachim Low, the absolute swine, didn’t vote for Mesut Ozil for a FIFA award.

The Germany manager instead picked Real Madrid’s Toni Kroos for the FIFA Player of the Year award and recently explained why.

“Toni has consistently been playing at a very high level this year, won the Champions League with Real Madrid and has performed incredibly well with the national team,” Low said.

“You can always rely on him and that was reason enough for me to vote for him.

“I voted for Kroos, Ozil and Manuel Neuer, in that order.”

Fine, Joachim, we get it.

To be fair, Kroos has done a lot this year.

The 26-year-old appeared 32 times in La Liga during the 2015/16 season, assisting 11 goals and scoring one. I mean, that’s still not 35 appearances, with six goals and 19 assists but, you know, fine.

Plus, for Germany, Kroos assisted once… I mean, that’s not like one assist plus scoring a penalty but fine.

By Low saying that being able to rely on Kroos was enough reason to vote for him, does that mean he CAN’T rely on Mesut? The playmaker who’s been consistently fantastic ever since he was called up for the German senior team in 2009?

The only reason I can see is that Kroos plays for Real Madrid and Ozil plays for Arsenal.