It probably doesn’t bode well for us that the Bayern Munich fans aren’t scared of facing Arsenal in the next round of the Champions League… at all.

After finishing second to Atletico Madrid in Group C, Bayern could very well be drawn against Arsenal for what feels like the 67th year in a row. Their Twitter account has already been at it with the banter.

As Gooners, this is where we’re used to saying goodbye to the European tournament for another year since, although we often manage to get one decent result against the bigger teams, we can rarely do well enough to progress past the final 16.

Bayern fans, it seems, don’t quite have the same worry as us.

In fact, they’re far more scared of drawing Barcelona or even Juventus.

“From best case to worst case:

  1. Leicester
  2. Napoli
  3. Monaco
  4. Arsenal
  5. Juventus
  6. Barcelona

But obviously Barca is the only really scary team on that list,” said one Reddit user.

“I can’t decide if I’d rather have Arsenal or Monaco. Monaco seems on fire this season,” said another.

Somewhat predictably, however, they’re not all that bothered about drawing Leicester City.


Although, as one Reddit user points out, there are no easy games in the Champions League.