In one of the odder stories doing the rounds this weekend, Arsenal are reportedly going to exact revenge on Manchester United over their hunt for Mesut Ozil by signing Jesse Lingard.

The story appears to have originated in the UK but now the foreign press has got hold of it. Probably just because of the big names involved.

Where do we start?

Firstly, while Jose Mourinho is a fan of Mesut Ozil, the playmaker taking the step to sign for our rivals, as well as a man who has been nothing but nasty to Arsene Wenger, is another matter entirely.

Reportedly, the Red Devils are willing to offer the German international £300,000 a week. More than us and, considering Ozil only has 18 months left on his contract in north London, he’s starting to get linked with a move.

What makes this story weird is that, apparently, because of this, we’re going to be petty and try to buy Jesse Lingard. Their 23-year-old winger. And chuck him £120,000 a week.

Lingard is by no means a bad player. Far from it. But he’s no Mesut Ozil.

To me, this whole story seems bizarre.