When you think of Alexis Sanchez, it’s usually something to do with football, dogs or smiling; he’s a lover not a fighter.

However, against Manchester City, he committed the most fouls out of any other player on the pitch. Three.

The Chilean, who assisted Theo Walcott’s fourth-minute goal, wasn’t at his best against the Blues but no one was.


All the fouls were down the left flank, where he usually plays when he’s out wide. However, the fact that they were so far away from the area shows the desperation in which they were made.

Perhaps it’s unsurprising that he also won the most take-ons: 5/7.


The forward was clearly out for blood against City, at least at first before the whole team seemed to completely shut off.

Hopefully, this lacklustre performance doesn’t have a huge impact on our season but considering we lost in similar fashion to Everton on Tuesday, it’s hard to get excited.