In a poll Daily Cannon ran on Sunday, 32% of Arsenal fans voted for Alexis Sanchez’s hat-trick against West Ham over Dennis Bergkamp’s against Leicester City in 1997.

Bergkamp’s hat-trick will go down in history as one of the most beautiful to ever grace English football.

The first was a lifted, scooped shot, which looked as if it had no power behind it at all yet somehow looped into the top corner.

The second was a cheeky chip, not dissimilar to Alexis’ third against the Hammers.

While the third was a well-controlled, right footed finish that you have to repeatedly watch in order to fully understand.

Despite our Chilean’s lovely hat-trick during the London derby, 68% of the people who voted in our poll still think the Flying Dutchman’s was better.

You can’t really argue with them…

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