It probably won’t come as much of a shock to anyone, but according to research carried out by the BBC, only 23.4% of Arsenal transfer rumours actually come true.

To be honest, I’m kind of surprised it’s even that high!

That means that 76.6% of transfer rumours don’t happen.

At Daily Cannon, we try and sift through the rubbish and let you know what we think will and won’t happen. If we believe it’s a tonne of BS, we say so.

However, not all reporting is like this so most of the time, a reputable media outlet will report on the rumour as if it’s automatically true.

Whether it’s because Arsenal genuinely need players so we lap it up or because of the massive amount of Gooners online, our club has the third-highest amount of BS churned out about it.

Second is Chelsea (20.7% of rumours come true) and, somewhat oddly, first is West Brom (9.1%).

Oddly, the media are most accurate about Manchester City, getting a massive 68.6% of rumours right, which just suggests that the club’s people have connections to the media and like to make their business public. Completely the opposition of how Arsenal and Arsene Wenger operate.

Arsenal are also the fifth most talked about club.

As if you didn’t already need a reason to be sceptical!