Eric Cantona has called Mesut Ozil’s Champions League goal a ‘pure football orgasm’ in an weird monologue for Eurosport in which he also asked United fans to give Mourinho more time.

Ozil’s goal against Ludogorets has come in for praise from all corners of the footballing world, but it is the Manchester United legend who seems to have summed it up the best.

“The goal by Ozil for Arsenal in the Champions League was like a pure football orgasm,” said Cantona.

“It sent shivers down my spine: a lob over the keeper, a swing of the hips and a gentle ball in the corner of the net. Sometimes football truly is an art.”

Cantona also used the airtime to call on United fans to support Mourinho whom he claims ‘won’t give up’ because Pep Guardiola and Arsene Wenger are leading the Premier League (not anymore, Eric).

“I understand your frustration,” Cantona said.

“The Special One, the Swedish One, the expensive one, the one with the hair transplant! All these ones they don’t make a whole yet.

“But give them a little credit, football is not a f****** science! Plus Mourinho’s nemesis Pep and Arsene are co-leading the Premiership si I strongly doubt Jose is going to give up.

“Hang in there Jose! Could be worse you could be coaching Sunderland!” 

You can watch his speech, complete with open shirt, in the video below:

Go on, you know you want to…again…