Arsenal fans know what November normally brings – injuries, defeats and a new batch of stupid pills delivered fresh to London Colney for the chef to dish out with every meal.

Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester United, PSG, all back-to-back-back. It’s the stuff that makes dreams and summons nightmares and it is Arsenal’s November.

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But what are Arsenal fans fearing the most?

We asked Twitter:

It’s not just all about the people who are expecting the worst.

There are also those who are expecting Arsenal to show us that they have turned a corner, and they’re terrified too.

What if Arsenal *don’t* mess up like they usually do?

What if Arsenal really are worth believing in again?

How will you know?

What will happen if you’re wrong?

Hope can sometimes be the saddest of all emotions.

Arsenal have a lot to answer for given what they’ve put their fans through over the past five years.

We might fight against oppo fans who point out that we always do x, y, or z, but deep down we know that their digs have more than a grain of truth to them.

They might get the facts wrong, but the essence is right – there are certain things that happen to Arsenal like clockwork.

An awful November is one of them.

Based on the replies to our tweet, the things Arsenal fans are most afraid of this season, in order, are:

  1. Losing to Spurs
  2. Losing to United
  3. Losing players to injury
  4. Losing all the games

Welcome to November.

READ – November Pain – Are Arsenal fans right to be afraid? The data