Chuba Akpom is back in the gym as he tries to recover from a stress fracture in his back.

The forward, one of three who are injured at Arsenal at present, has been out since 28th September and the fact that he isn’t even listed as injured on has been more than a little concerning.

Arsenal often ‘disappear’ badly injured players and when they go on that missing list, they often don’t return for at least a year.

So, it’s a great relief to see the 21-year-old working out

Quite when we will see him in action is still no clearer, however. The finer details of his injury are also not known but it is likely that he is suffering from spondylolysis which is the most common injury in this area.

It is especially common in growing adolescents and symptoms often accompany a ‘growth spurt’.

Complete rest is the usual course of treatment, with recovery coming at around the six-week mark. Chuba has been out for just under eight, which would indicate six weeks of rest before moving to the next phase of recovery which involves a progressive injury programme beginning with exercises to increase the muscle strength and stability of the lower back.

Many websites are stating a return date of 14th January 2017 but it is unclear where this date has come from. Barring any setbacks, Chuba should return before that date given his recovery timeline so far.