Arsene Wenger explained during his interview with Ian Wright, Sol Campbell and William Gallas that although youth in a squad is good, experience is crucial.

The boss explained how, ideally, the squad needs to have a core age of 23 – 30 years old. Any younger and it can be too inexperienced.

“You can have one or two exceptional talents, like at the moment we have Hector Bellerin and Iwobi, but the core of the team has to be from 23 to 30,” Wenger said.

“If you look at the national teams, you never win a tournament with a young team, because it’s more mental at some stage to win something big.

“You need to have a certain level of experience.”

Experienced players are far more important than just being good at football. They’ve been there, done that and been through the pressure that young players are only just feeling for the first time. They know how to cope, react and still win despite all odds. They know how to prevent mind games getting into their skull, the media from getting under their skin and how to pick each other up when the chips are down.

Young players have all this to come and it’s up to the more senior squad members to prepare them so they can march on and be successful.

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Of course, the manager is also there to help but there’s probably more of an element of comradery involved when it’s a fellow player.

Without this, I agree, it’d be almost impossible to win trophies.