Copa90 are back at it again with their 5-shot challenge and this time it’s Hector Bellerin and Spurs’ Dele Alli to step up.

The challenge involves completing five different types of shots (as the title suggests): left foot, right foot, one-on-one, volley and a penalty.

Annoyingly, the Spurs man just edged it with eight points to Bellerin’s five. Both players had their left and right shots saved (1 point for both) but Alli scored his volley and one-on-one while our right-back over-complicated his and had them saved.

Both scored their penalty.

To be fair, it wasn’t exactly an even test considering Alli plays in a more attacking position compared to our defender; he’s scored three Premier League goals already this season while Hector’s scored none. However, it’s all just a bit of fun.

Hopefully, the England international isn’t quite as lethal in front of goal in early November…