Thierry Henry gave his verdict on the controversial handball that sealed Arsenal’s win against Burnley on Sunday and once again demonstrated why it’s good that he no longer works with the club.

While Henry’s comments themselves weren’t problematic, the fact that he has to comment on these incidents is enough reason for Arsenal to never hire him as a coach.

Can you imagine him swanning into training on Monday after saying that he could have understood if the goal hadn’t been given on national TV the day before?

“If his hand wasn’t there the ball would have gone out,” he said.

“If he [the referee] gave a handball I would have understood.

“But I don’t think Koscielny meant to do that. That’s the main thing.”

I repeat, it’s nothing to do with the comments themselves. It’s everything to do with the fact that he chooses to make them about the club he pertains to love and one that he was working with not long ago.

Am I bitter that he essentially chose this over working with us? Very much so. However, at least this does prove that we made the right decision in ‘forcing’ him to pick.