As the teams were announced for the Arsenal game against Burnley, it didn’t take long before it was claimed that Lucas had been dropped from the squad and was not actually injured.

Arsenal said that the player had been withdrawn from the squad because of a slight knee problem, but within half an hour (Arsenal tweet 3.42pm, conspiracy tweet, 4.10pm) this happened:

Looking at Arsenal’s bench, the only attacking options that they had there were Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Jeff Reine-Adelaide.

With Olivier Giroud and Chuba Akpom injured and no other strikers available, it would seem a very odd choice for Wenger to drop his £20m newbie who has only just arrived and therefore hasn’t even really had a chance to p*ss the boss off.

A quick look at the Arsenal photos from training on Friday and there is no sign of Lucas.

Of course, this is not definitive proof, but while I accept that a ‘slight’ injury is often Arsenal-speak for ‘dropped’ there is simply no evidence to suggest that is the case here.

In regards to that tweet above, it’s not beyond the realms to think that Lucas isn’t injured, at least not in a way that he is concerned about.

Arsenal, however, may not have wanted to take a risk with him.

There’s no story here.

Not yet, anyway.