Arsenal’s win over Swansea at the Emirates on Saturday moved them to second in the table, one point ahead of Tottenham who almost lost to West Brom at the Hawthornes.

The side whom everyone were drooling over after they beat Manchester City almost blew it against a Tony Pulis side and needed a late goal to claw back a point after former Bale-money Spurs player, Nacer Chadli, had given the Baggies the lead with 82 on the clock.

Dele Alli found the back of the net for Tottenham who will be concerned over the serious injury that saw Toby Alderweireld leave the pitch on a stretcher before the hour mark with a ‘horror knee injury’.

I’m not sure how the stats stand now but before this round of games, Tottenham had enjoyed their best ever start to a Premier League campaign and they’re still behind us.

It might be too early to publish what I received via email from some Tottenham fans, but what the heck…

First there was this one

Be careful if you are getting a train, tube or bus to work tomorrow. The gap’s wider than you think.

This next set are my favourite. First he said

I can’t believe how jealous of spurs you are!!! Haha it was so funny to read your rant on spurs and seeing how angry and jealous you are. The fact that we are doing what you have been trying to do for the last decade is the funniest part and I also LOVE how much it eats you up inside.

Unlucky, more years of failure await when wenger departs for England and also many years of fuming at how well spurs are doing compared to you!!

Mind the gap

When I asked him to clarify just what, exactly, Spurs have been doing better than us given they haven’t won a trophy that anyone cares about in a quarter of a century, haven’t won the league in 55 years and still haven’t built their stadium, this was his reply

I think the whole of the UK can see what we’ve been doing differently to you… building a better team for starters I think sanchez is the only player that would walk into our team no questions asked. Secondly bringing through more 1st team England players last season than you have in the whole of wengers time. Building a bigger stadium than you I mean all that time and money wasted to still be a smaller club is funny lol. And as for trophies lol huge difference is we don’t believe qualifying for champions league is a trophy where as you celebrate like you’ve won the champions league plus all those years in it and you have never won it  that’s hilarious. Small club mentality no ambition no quality stadium quieter than a library haha.

Mind the gap sad jealous gooner hope your neck doesn’t hurt too much looking up at us all season


They just can’t help themselves, can they?