Aaron Ramsey is still out of action and it looks like he’s going to miss out on Arsenal’s clash against Swansea at the weekend.

The midfielder has sidelined since the opening game of the season when he injured his hamstring during our 4-3 home defeat to Liverpool. His return date has since been pushed back again and again.

I can understand why. Wenger is being cautious with him. Despite The Telegraph announcing that the Welshman is suddenly back in training as if it’s new, it isn’t. He’s been back training gently for a while. However, it seems that every time he so much as feels a pull, we push him back a step, which is absolutely the right thing to do given his track record with injuries.

It’s a slow, frustrating process but a necessary one unless we want to lose Ramsey for even longer. All we can do is wait and hope to see him soon.