Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has admitted that although he’s happy to play for Arsenal on the wing, he’s naturally more of a midfielder.

This is something that’s been brought up in relation to the 23-year-old’s position on the pitch before. He’s always preferred to play in a central midfield role, which is where he tends to train and play for England. However, for Arsenal, he suits our style better on the wing, which is also something he acknowledges.

“There have been players over time who have been asked to play in a position and maybe they don’t want to play there but, with me, I’m honestly happy to do it,” he said to the Evening Standard.

“If I get told to play on the wing, there is nothing in me that is annoyed I’m not playing midfield. I know I have got qualities that suit the wing and I’m happy to express myself there. 

“Because I’ve been playing on the wing, I’ve focused more on my runs off the ball in behind. That’s because I’m more naturally like a midfielder so I come towards the ball to receive it. That’s something I’ve had to work on to become more of a winger. 

“If I play in midfield, I’m still going to get the ball, look to go past people  and drive forward with it. I don’t think it stunts my development because there is no negative feeling on my behalf.”

What’s obvious about the Ox’s frank interview with the Evening Standard is that he’s very careful not to appear as if he’s complaining at all. He wants to make it clear how versatile he is without seeming ungrateful for the time he does get on the pitch. It’s a good attitude to have although his comments once again demonstrate perhaps how desperate he is to get played.

So far, the former Southampton player has only made one start this season. This was against Nottingham Forest in the EFL Cup in which he scored and assisted during the 4-0 win.