Lyon president, Jean-Michel Aulas, has been talking about Arsenal’s interest in Alexandre Lacazette again.

According to Aulas, two Premier League clubs bid for the striker during the summer transfer window, and Napoli made a substantial bid for reported Arsenal target, Corentin Tolisso. Good grief.

The thing is, as Sport Witness have pointed out, in August, Aulas claimed that Lyon had rejected a €50m bid from West Ham. So not only has the number increased but it was now from two Premier League clubs?

“This summer, we rejected €55m for Lacazette from two Premier League clubs and €37m from Napoli for Tolisso,” he told Tuttosport.

Although Aulas doesn’t name West Ham and Arsenal, he has brought both clubs up in the past in relation to the transfer and we were the only two reportedly interested.

The Lyon/Arsenal/Lacazette saga actually appeared to be pretty shady. Although Arsene Wenger never denied there was at least interest, the Ligue 1 club seemed to be exaggerating said interest.

Did we actually submit a bid? I’m not sure.

But I did find it strange that Lyon made it so public that we wanted their player.

On one hand, I think we’d publicly deny it but on the other I’m not so sure. Maybe we didn’t want to get mixed up in Lyon’s games.

Whatever it was they were doing, it doesn’t appear to have worked since they’re still talking about it to just about anyone who will listen.