When we at Daily Cannon saw stats claiming that Laurent Koscielny has only committed two fouls so far this season, we weren’t sure it was possible.

Both fouls were apparently on Diego Costa against Chelsea when we won 3-0 at the Emirates, which makes sense. As one Twitter user pointed out: it doesn’t count if it’s on Costa.

Also, the teams listed appear to just be in the Premier League, which suggests that he has perhaps made more but they’ve been in Europe.

Still, these stats are amazing for a centreback so let’s have a dig.

After doing a little investigating, it seems that the Frenchman is yet to receive a yellow card AT ALL this season. That’s nothing in 990 minutes on the pitch.

Searching a little further and it seems that Kos has indeed only committed two fouls in the Premiership this season and just one in the Champions League.

What’s more is that the man himself has now retweeted the post, which is pretty much all the confirmation we need.


We salute you, Kos.