According to CalcioMercatoWeb, Juventus are trying to get Santi Cazorla to turn now a contract extension with Arsenal should we offer him one.

Recently, the midfielder admitted that although he’s not yet been offered a new contract by the Gunners, he’s happy in north London and will accept if we do.

However, Juve are reportedly very interested and are not only waiting in the wings for the Spaniard to leave us but are actively trying to convince him to. This way, the Serie A giants can nab him on a free, which would be a bloomin’ sweet deal from their end.

At this stage, I don’t see why we wouldn’t offer him an extension and I’d be disappointed if we didn’t. Although it’s between Santi and the club, he’s been brilliant since returning from injury and is such a huge part of the starting XI. Even though he’s 31, he still dashes around like someone considerably younger and I think it’d be a huge mistake to let him go.

I don’t think we will.