Lucas Perez claims that Mesut Ozil has no interest in returning to Real Madrid and it’s not hard to see why.

Facing a fan revolt after they allowed the German to leave for Arsenal, Real Madrid quickly embarked on a campaign designed to smear Ozil’s name and make it look like they had no choice but to get rid of him for the good of the team.

It got so bad that there were even reports that Mesut was going to sue the Spaniards for their comments which included, but were not limited to;

  • Attacking his character, implying he was not professional
  • Claiming he was obsessed with women and would party all night, leaving him with little sleep
  • Stating he was distracted from football by his relationship with Aida Yespica
  • Made unreasonable wage demands

Ozil responded at the time, saying, “In three years I played 159 games. If you’re not professional in your life then I don’t think you can play that many games.

“People who know me know how professional I am and this is what counts. I don’t care about rumours.”

But you can bet that he did care.

As did his father and agent, Mustafa, who said, “Just because a person earns a lot of money, he is not automatically a man of honour.

“And Perez [Real Madrid president] is not a man of honour.

“Mesut has been turned into a scapegoat and I’m the greedy father who has just been waiting for the big-money move.

“It is a set-up and lousy business.

“We will legally defend ourselves.

“The people who know me know how professional I am.”

Would you want to return to a club who treated you like this? Would your father want to let you?

We’ve seen many articles in the UK media, claiming they are based on German reports, stating that Ozil would jump at the chance to return to the Spanish giants.

I’m gonna trust Lucas on this one.

Why on earth would he want to go back there to be consigned to role of bit-part player when he can be the star at the heart of everything magical Arsenal do?