Olivier Giroud appeared unfazed when asked about the other forwards at Arsenal.

The Frenchman, who openly admitted that he wasn’t fully fit when he first returned from Euro 2016, injured his toe and has been sidelined for weeks.

His big return came against Sunderland in the Premier League on Saturday when the striker scored two goals with two chances.

“In every big club you have a lot of good strikers with different qualities,” Giroud said,

“We can play together, we can play as lone strikers and we can play up front with each other as well.

“The team has played very well at the start of the season but it’s cyclic and I hope to come back by working hard in training. I’m happy as long as we win. We have a very good team cohesion and I’m not questioning myself too much. I’m just focused on the team.”

He was exactly who we needed at that moment and I think he recognises that. Speaking to the media, he pointed out that he’s a different type of striker. As we’ve all been saying ever since we bought Lucas in the summer, we’re not replacing anyone. We’re just getting more options; more weapons to shake at opponents when the usual ones don’t work.

It’s what more big teams have and, as I said, I’m sure Oli knows this extremely well. He knows he’ll get plenty of game time starting at Ludogorets away in the Champions League.