Let’s face it, if it was a domestic club courting Arsene Wenger as publicly as the English FA are currently doing, we’d all be going mental.

Somehow, however, it’s seen as acceptable for their Chief Executive, Martin Glenn, to say “I am not commenting on that,” before going on to do just that by adding, “Of course he’d fit the criteria perfectly. Of course he would, as would a few others.”

This isn’t as blatant as many headlines would have you believe, but there is no doubt that the FA are using the media to make their intentions clear – they want Arsene Wenger.

For his part, the Arsenal boss is not blameless in this at all and his flirting with the FA has not gone unnoticed as he works his way through the final year of his contract at Arsenal.

But could Wenger really leave Arsenal for England?

It’s hardly likely.

The Arsenal manager seems to be doing what many players do and using them to strengthen his position at Arsenal. He’d go nuts if he was restricted to the role of part-time international manager and he’s fit enough that he doesn’t have to consider reducing his work load for age/health-related reasons.

While it’s true that many fans think it’s time for Wenger to go, and would be happy to see him takeover from Sam Allardyce, there are enough around to be disturbed by the thought and their voices would be heard.

And what of the board?

We are told they will happily give Arsene any deal he wants, so why would Wenger need to play any games with them?

Sometimes you just need to remind the employer who takes you for granted that things aren’t guaranteed to remain the way they are at present.

As for the FA, someone should have a word with them about respecting the clubs upon whom they are dependent for so much.

We wouldn’t tolerate this from a Barcelona or Manchester United, why should we be accepted to just suck it up when it is the FA and their massive sense of entitlement?

We shouldn’t.

It’s as simple as that.