While speaking to Ian Wright, Sol Campbell and William Gallas recently, Arsene Wenger revealed why he’s so quiet in the dressing room.

One of the first topics that Wrighty brought up during the 10-minute interview with Arsenal Player, was that when Wenger first joined Arsenal in 1996 he was very quiet after games. In fact, back in the dressing room, he often wouldn’t even speak for 10 minutes, which is something that the traditional English football team found very strange at the time.

The boss smiled and admitted that this is just part of his personality and something he still practices. He revealed that when he does lose his temper, he can “go crazy” and the passion he has can sometimes bubble over into hurtful words. Therefore, he’ll stop and allow both him and the players’ adrenaline to simmer down before addressing the room.

It sounds like a sensible approach, if a little unorthodox, considering most players are still buzzing off the result of the game, good or bad, when they reenter the dressing room. Therefore, they probably won’t take in anything Wenger says. It’s good to give everyone a couple of minutes to calm down before handing out criticism, praise or instructions.