Cobreloa midfielder, Marcelo Allende, is reportedly on Arsene Wenger’s radar despite the youngster already having a trial with Arsenal.

The trial was obviously unsuccessful but that didn’t stop him catching the boss’ eye, reports claim.

What’s more is that apparently Allende, who started off at Alexis Sanchez’s former club, Sports Santa Cruz, approached our forward in search of career advice, to which Alexis told him to beef up a bit if he wanted to join the Premier League.

It’s a bit of a strange story but you never know with football.

The 17-year-old midfielder is obviously keen if he’s going around asking seasoned professionals what he can do to improve. It’s a good attitude to have and, if true, must have taken guts.

Are we interested? Although I wouldn’t rule it out, if he has had an unsuccessful trial with us already and we didn’t sign him then, I’m not sure why we would go back now.