When Mauro Icardi was linked with Arsenal over the summer we stated firmly it was all about getting him a new deal at Inter Milan, so when he signed a new bumper deal, we thought that would be the last we would hear about him coming to Arsenal, at least for a season or two.

Now, here we are not two months after the window shut, and even less since he penned his new deal, and the Sun are linking us with a move for him after a banner was held up at Inter’s game against Cagliari on Sunday.

It read, “You use a child to justify yourself and fling mud at us… You’re not a man… You’re not a Captain… You are just a vile piece of s***,”… no wonder they didn’t just use the Premier League staple for banners – an A4 page.

Inter lost the match at the San Siro 2-1 with Joao Mario scoring the home side’s only goal in a game which saw Icardi missed a penalty in the first half.

The source of the Inter Ultra fans’ anger seems to lie with Icardi’s autobiography, Sempre Avanti, in particular one passage which, according to the Mirror, “he had discussed an angry confrontation between himself, former midfielder Fredy Guarin and those same hardcore supporters back in February 2015.”

Icardi wrote, “I am angry because I played so little. The fans start to shout: they call us to come over to their section. I find the courage to face them, along with Guarin.

“As I get closer, I receive insults and abuse of every kind. Attached to the netting is a kid who calls me: he wants my shirt.

“Considering his age, he could be my son: I take off my shirt and shorts and throw them to him, as a gift. This kid is in seventh heaven and I am pleased to see him so happy.

“A head of the ultras jumps on him to take away the shirt and throws it back at me. This is when I start insulting him: ‘Piece of ****, you are acting all arrogant with a little kid to show off to the rest of the curva? Do you think you’re hard?’

“In the locker room I am acclaimed as a hero, because nobody had ever faced off that way with one of the fan leaders.”

The fans’ group, Curva Nord, could not let this stand unchalleneged, and they issued a response, saying, “We don’t want to go back over that day when his own teammates hauled him back by the neck to demand a less arrogant attitude towards the Inter population.

“It is pathetic to read such things talking about us. In his book he writes: ‘I am ready to face them one by one. How many are there? 50, 100, 200? OK, record my message and let him listen: I’ll bring 100 criminals from Argentina who’ll kill them where they stand, then we’ll see.’

“He talks about helping little kids, then invents an incident that never happened to make himself seem superior to us, as if it weren’t obvious to all that we are the only Curva that helps kids design the choreography in the stands.

“You are finished with us. You’re done. TAKE THE ARMBAND OFF, YOU CLOWN. Yes, that is what we demand.”

So, obviously, all this means Arsenal are back in for him.

He was too expensive in the summer before he signed a new contract tying him to the club until 2021.

In what universe will Arsenal pay close to what Inter would demand for their captain?