Since leaving Arsenal on international duty, Granit Xhaka has done a lot of talking to the press.

Most of it has been about his international situation, however, on Thursday he gave an interview in which he talked about his immense excitement at joining Arsenal, learning from everyone, what it’s really like in training and much more.

In amongst that interview, the midfielder also spoke again about his current situation which involves wanting to play for Kosovo but not being allowed to.

“Yes, it makes me mad that many things are not specifically as it really is,” Granit said in a week which has seen his father hit out at people for calling him a traitor.

“That’s what annoys me a bit. I do not know what the problem is exactly from the people, which is why they come to me and attack me again. 

“But as I said, the important thing is what happens on the pitch.”

It seems as if Xhaka will remain with Switzerland, for the foreseeable future at least, despite his family’s desire to see both him and Taulant play for Kosovo.

FIFA explained that anyone who represented another country at the Euros this summer would not then be allowed to switch to Kosovo after they were granted international status.

Xhaka claims that this was not made clear to him.

He has also said he will do whatever it takes to represent Kosovo as he continues to find himself stuck in the middle of a situation not really of his own making.

What was he supposed to do, sit around and wait for FIFA to decide when Kosovo was deserving of ‘country’ status and not play at international level?