Following Sam Allardyce’s sacking from the England job for being an idiot, there are reports from the likes of The Telegraph that the FA will come for Arsene Wenger again but would it be the right time for the Frenchman to move on?

He will be out of contract in the summer, so there is no need to break his contract, something he always refers to. It is also well-known that it is his 20th year at the club as well and it would nice to finish with a round number.

On the practical side, if an agreement is found quickly enough, it leaves the board with about nine months to sort out a new manager. We know that identifying the right target and then putting the wheels in motion to get the right man will take time but nine months should be enough.

You would also expect the players to try to finish on a high, should it be his final season at the club. I mean a lot of them signed because of Arsene Wenger and would surely want to win another trophy with and for him.

It would also be interesting for England to have a calm influence at the FA, someone who inspires respect. Obviously, we don’t know how he would adapt to managing a team that plays 50 games per season to about 10.

But on the technical side, there is no doubt that he could do a job especially as he has been a pundit for French TV for many international tournaments and therefore is well versed on what is needed to succeed with a national team.

It will be interesting to see if the England job is an attractive enough proposition for the Frenchman.