If it was a domestic club publicly courting Arsene Wenger rather than England I’m sure a few people would have a lot more to say about it but it seems the FA can do what they like.

With reports claiming that Arsene Wenger is, once again, the top target for the FA with him only having one year left on his current Arsenal deal, the boss was asked about England after his side beat Basel in the Champions League.

With one journalist hoping to land a Pulitizer by asking ‘do you know the words to God Save the Queen’ (Wenger has been in the country 20 years and speaks 5 gazillion languages, is there anyone who thinks he wouldn’t know the words?) Arsene reiterated that Arsenal are his main priority.

“I’m focused 100% on arsenal and I always give my priority to this club,” he told reporters.

This comes a few days after the Daily Star ran an EXCLUSIVE in which it claimed that Arsene was thinking about taking the England job. I’m not linking to it because it’s total balls.

The Mirror then came out with their own story, with John Cross claiming that the club are ready to hand Wenger a new two-year deal in what seems to be nothing more than a rehash of a story we covered in June that claimed the same, this time with added England to make it a bit more relevant.

Arsenal will offer Wenger a new deal. You don’t need a Rolodex full of contacts to know that, and Wenger will most likely sign it.

The only thing really up for debate here is ‘when’.