As the 20th anniversary of Arsene Wenger’s arrival at Arsenal approaches, he has been giving a number of interviews.

One of these was to the Men in Blazers podcast, in which the boss spoke in that intelligent manner we’ve all become so accustomed to that no other manager on the planet can manage.

Asked how he has been able to survive so long at one club, the boss replied, “I survive because I love the game. I love to win. I love the next game. Football is so rich every time, it is a new experience.”

Moving swiftly one without missing a beat, Wenger then spoke about what football teaches people. “I think it is a good school of humility,” he added. “It is a good lesson, as well, for every individual who thinks ‘I’ve found the secret’. In the next game, football will show you have found absolutely nothing at all.”

But he was only warming up.

“I know that we live in a period where it is only about ‘win at any cost’ and I think a club is bigger than that and sport is much bigger than that.

“Values for a club is the style of play, the way the club educates people, the way the club gives a chance to people.

“As a manager you have an influence on the identity of a club and on the individual course of the careers of players and, of course, as well on the style of play and the results of the team.

“If you can manage to get these three together you can start to say you become a manager.”

Now. Just close your eyes and imagine Jose Mourinho saying this sort of stuff…