Arsenal and Reading fans will pay just £10 or £20 (or £5/£10 if under 16 or over 65) for the EFL cup game on 25 October.

Arsenal are often the first team criticised for their tickets prices, even though they do offer some of the cheapest tickets in the Premier League (alongside some of the most expensive) so it is worth highlighting when they are helping fans out because you can be sure the redtops won’t do it.

Reading have taken an allocation 2,922 in the Clock End, although more tickets are available should they require them.

I gave Arsenal a quick call just to double check on the prices and they confirmed that they have been set by the club, so fans in the whole ground will pay the following:

  • Lower tier £10/£5 concession
  • Upper tier £20/£10 concession

Given the normal price of a ticket to watch Arsenal play (I paid over £70 through the box office for my ticket in the lower tier for the game against Chelsea on Saturday), this is a great chance for people who normally wouldn’t be able to afford to watch Arsenal play to get a game in.

It’s also a great way to start gaining more young fans, as not only can their parents afford to take them at these rates, the kids could probably even stretch to buying their own ticket with their pocket money.